Friday, July 29, 2011

what the hectic week!

ok! just today got time to relax a bit, last few days memang terlampau busy, a lot of things need to settle, especially assignment, for my design research subject, i need to read about 10 readings about theory, whic is i really hate it, obviously cause it difficult to understand what that reading 'talking' about! honestly, i feel like i m TESL student and not archi student, What the heck!

every readings its about 30 pages and i need to finish it within 1 week. so today, i need to discuss what i have been reading in a small group, luckily, my group most of it Asian, easy to understand their english rather than local that most of the time, i cant get what they try to say!

honestly, i don't like reading and i don't thin that i will love it, for me, it really waste of my time, but for this course, i HAVE tooooooooooooooo! . all the readings is very theoretical and hardly to understand, most of the time, i finish my time just to translate the meaning rather than reading, what i can say, if one sentence got 10 words, i only can understand 2/4 words only,

beside than that, i need to Google the definition. that readings is all  about feminism, postmodernism,gender, millennial and so on! deymly susah!

and for this 2 days, i need to prepare my submission for this subject . i don't know if i can finish it on time. Ok lah, very tired today, Ramadhan it just around the corner, i really miss Ramadhan!  cant wait!

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